Courtney Surmanek


Photo Credits: Jeff Becker

Important Topics

Director, Performer

Important Topics was a solo performance developed for Forward Flux's May 2013 collaborate:create, a 21 day residency at Theaterlab in New York, NY. 19 artists selected for the residency discussed the social, political, historical, and psychological meaning of the word “silence”, and the power it holds over communities locally and globally. Two weeks speaking, experimenting, and collaborating with former strangers, culminated in an evening length Salon at Theaterlab. Important Topics, a solo piece performed in a 15 x 15 ft. theater, was the result of this process.

Important Topics explores themes of authority within a fabricated, pedagogical framework. The work was based off a loose script of movements and gestures, and crafted by the audience in the moment. The performance lasted 20 minutes and occurred twice throughout the evening.