Courtney Surmanek


Documentation taken by Masha Afonina

You’re Late

Director, Performer

"To become a woman is a purposive and appropriative set of acts, the gradual acquisition of skill, a “project” in Sartirian terms, to assume a culturally established corporeal style and significance” - Judith Butler

You're Late was a private performance in the former office of Trisha Donnelly, a conceptual artist renowned for her mystique. The performance was developed as part of artist Lyle Ashton Harris' Media and Performance Art workshop at New York University in Spring of 2013.

Four individuals were invited to the office, which served as my bedroom for the duration of one week in secret. They were invited to gather before departing for a party at an unknown location. Everyone arrived late regardless of their time of arrival, and I made sure to announce this upon their entry. They waited on my bed while I brushed my wet hair, blew it dry, and straightened it. This lasted approximately 30 minutes. Aside from an intermittent questioning of the time, and the collateral sounds of the brush, dryer, and straightener, the actions were conducted in silence. I cancelled our plans afterwards.