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Voyaging-Works: Highlights of Our Quarantine

Co-Facilitator with Vaimoana (Moana) Litia Makakaufaki Niumeitolu as part of Ping Chong + Company.

Voyaging-Works: Highlights of Our Quarantine is a digital “Secret Histories” artist residency with teens attending P.S. 102Q in Elmhurst, Queens, NY. In pre-pandemic times, we develop an original performance based on the real life experiences and cultural practices of participating students. Our work includes project-based learning on writing and performing personal narratives, scripting techniques, and collaborative staging. We are collectively creating a “ZineMag” (combining the DIY aesthetic of a zine with the slightly refined edge of a magazine, as decided by the students). The ZineMag is a compilation of the students’ writing, images, and explorations. 

More information on Ping Chong + Company’s Secret Histories program is available here