Becoming Our Spaces


Produced and scored by Courtney Surmanek and Tingting Wei, performed by Anna Libbie-Grossman.

MOM was developed for Forward Flux's May 2013 collaborate:create residency at Theaterlab in NYC. 19 artists selected for the residency discussed the social, political, historical, and psychological meaning of Silence, and the power it holds over communities locally and globally. Two weeks speaking, experimenting, and collaborating with former strangers, culminated in an evening length Salon at Theaterlab in NYC.

MOM was a lingering fool. MOM vaguely resembled a suburban late 30’s/early 40‘s woman. MOM frequented Walmart. MOM didn't "get" contemporary art. MOM was overbearingly concerned with attendees' raucous actions and anguished over their safe arrival home. MOM hovered over and fussed. MOM baked. MOM burned what she baked. MOM shouldn’t have used a toaster oven for that. MOM caressed and squeezed the audience. MOM tried to smooch the audience. MOM tidied up the space during and after the exhibition. MOM told everyone to put their cell phones away, and kicked people out when it was time to go. MOM was not compensated. MOM never gets compensated.